How It Works

The Snore Buster Anti Snore bracelet is linked with our free  smartphone app. The app uses an algorithm that is able to distinguish snoring sounds. When the app (via your smart phone) detects snoring, it sends a signal to the Snore Buster Anti Snore bracelet, which is worn on the arm.  The signal creates a small but noticeable vibration to the wearer. The vibration is the equivalent of a poke in the back from your wife/husband to turn over. The force of the vibration is adjustable to individual needs.

1. Put the BRACELET on your wrist.

2. Switch on bracelet by touching the metallic surface for 1-2 seconds.

3. Start the APP and press the big connect button, wait a couple of seconds once the battery level is displayed you are connected.

4. Connect your phone to its power source, and place it on your nightstand.

5. Adjust the top snore sensitivity slider until the device stops vibrating to any ambient noise levels.

6. Then over the first few nights use the tolerance slider to find optimal position for your snoring level.